The demand for Tri-County Dental's services continues to grow. The cost of providing these services is growing as well. Your thoughtful planning and generosity can help ensure that Tri-County Dental services will continue to be available.

Can I designate my gift to a specific area?
If you have a specific program or area that holds special interest for you, you can make a donation and be assured that your gift will be used as you have requested. If you do not have a particular area in mind, unrestricted support is our greatest need.

Is Tri-County Dental a 501c-3?
Yes, Tri-County Dental is a non-profit organization and receives charitable gifts to support its services. These gifts are deductible to you, the donor, as allowed by law.

What percentage of donations goes to Tri-County Dental’s services?
95 cents of every dollar goes toward services.

How can I donate?
Mail a check or money order to:
Tri-County Dental
9 Tri Park Way
Appleton, WI 54914

Contact us at for information on adding Tri-County to your will or estate plans