Marquette University School of Dentistry and Fox Valley Technical College School of Dental Hygiene/School of Dental Assisting

Marquette University School of Dentistry 

Marquette University has been a collaborative partner of Tri-County Dental (TCD) since its inception in 2003.  During that time both Marquette's committment to TCD in numbers of students as well as numbers of days available have grown substantially.  In conjunction with Marquette's growing commitment, TCD has likewise grown in the quality of its preceptors, materials covered and added learning experiences provided to the student dentists. 

-Normal rotations are supervised and monitored by a preceptor, veteran dentist, as well as assisted by a veteran dental assistant. Each student has an opportunity to gain experience in a wide variety of procedures and to begin to establish more productive treatment rates.
-TCD offers Externships which are students that have completed all of their basic requirements and are able to spend one day per week participating in an outreach program.  Much of their activity is geared toward more experience in complex procedures. 
-The Fellowship is a one year experience working full time at the clinic gaining experience in a variety of areas as provided by numerous general dentists and specialists.  The goal of this program is to either provide clarity to the student toward a specialty or simply to make them a much more experienced dentist when they begin their career. 

Fox Valley Technical College Dental Hygiene Program and Dental Assisting Program 
Tri-County Dental is proud to support the efforts of Fox Valley Technical College in the dental assisting and dental hygiene programs.  Students are placed in an environment that enables them to utilize the skills they are taught at school.  Volunteering these skills, even after graduation, is important and rewarding for students.  Networking with area dentists, giving back to your community, and staying current with your profession are all benefits that are shared. 
Students are asked to arrive at the clinic at least 10 minutes prior to seeing their first patient.  Appropriate attire is requested, however, TCD does provide lab coats and safety glasses, if needed.